wholesal & salon

  • First thank you for choosing to do your suppliers


  • Depending on your needs and the number of purchases, we will provide the following free Service


  1. Shopping is full $1500 free make *label *Tag *Card
  2. Shopping is full $2500 free make *silk bag *bag *label *Tag *Card
  3. Shopping is full $3500 free make *label *Tag *Card *Flat box
  4. Shopping is full $4500 free make *label *Tag *Card *box
  • *label state the hair original . will take 3-4 days to finish.
  • *Tag state the hair brand, will takes around 4~5 days to finish.
  • *Card state many infomation, like hair care tips, company name, will take around 5-7 days to finish.
  • *Box state professional, also be protective, size around "20*18*6(cm) ", $150 for 500pcs, will take around 5~7 days to finish.
  • *skily Bag make items packing handier, Also it could re-use as a storage bag in daily life,
  • Take many factors into consideration, the design fee in oversea is expensive and inconvenient to do the shipment, we would offer this service for free, First and foremost, please send us your company name. Second, you could come up with your idea or suggestion on the design, like color, sharp and so on.  here below is some customize items could make your company and business impressed and more professional.