Why Do Criminals Have To Be Shaven Off?

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  1. It’s dirty in the prison that bald head could keep criminals from getting disease.
  2. The police wants them to make a fresh start in life.  
  3. Hair is the symbol of troubles, and shaving hair is equal to getting out of troubles.
  4. In fact, shaving whole head off is an unwritten rule in the prison for a long time. On the one hand, it is convenient for management. On the other hand, it is also a good symbol to identify escaped criminals. Even if the escaped criminals wearing funmi hair, Brazilian Body Wave or Lace Front Wigs, they could still get recognized. To shave whole head off is similar to serve a sentence. It’s a punishment for them, urging them to get away from criminal activities. The humanitarian care about criminals shouldn’t shows in head-shaving but the transform of their heart and soul, and helps them to back to society and move on.
  5. The barber in the prison might not be very professional.0
  6. Easy to identify--to get a clearer outlines of their outlooks so that it could be put on record.
  7. Hair is something given by their parents, and depriving their hair could be seen as disgrace for them.

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