What Would Happen To The Kids Who Inherited Hair Loss Gene From Their Parents?

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For children who inherit gene from their parents, there’s difference between boys and girls. We can hardly meet hair losing women in our daily life, but bald headed men are all around the world. Why does such things happen?

Hair loss depends not only on gene but on the level of androgen. Basically the level of androgen in girl’s body are much lower than those in boy’s body, and their hair loss doesn’t show much. Even if a girl do carry hair loss gene, she wouldn’t get serious hair loss at all.

Some people might ask that my parents are both healthy and don’t have any hair loss problems at all, then why I have to suffer from this?

On the one hand, you might carry the recessive gene from your parents. ( like your parents Aa, Aa, and you got aa. )

On the other hand, your hair loss could be caused by the over secretion of androgen.

Then what should we do if already be sure that our hair loss is on a genetic base?

Is there anything to compensate for if it is a gene-decided problem?

First things first, you have to understand that anything that related to gene could be a rather tough one. Gene is still a forbidden zone for human being. So currently it can not be changed, but the level of androgen could get control. Pills to restrain the level of it have already been produced massively and it works, but not for long because androgen is secreting every moment we take a breath, and it cannot keep its restrained level as long as you stop taking pills.

Then, your hair could be lost again.

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