What’s Physical Alopecia? How to take care of Alopecia?

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Physical Alopecia a common type of hair loss which is often caused by physical reasons like mechanical stimulus, radiation, high temperature, hot sun, and air pollution, etc.

There are two types of physical Alopecia, one is Alopecia, which could have effects on your body, and it could cause the hair of your whole body to be lost. The evidence of why this happened is about the disorder of your own immune system that hair follicle cells are attacked by lymphocytes or the substance secreted by lymphocytes. Billions of payment has been paid on the curing of hair loss, but the results are quite mild.

The other one refers to some mechanical hair dropping caused by some kinds of haircuts, like braids, buns that could drag or cut your hair.

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Your hair is dropping, and your heart is breaking. Many hair loss patients understand such feelings. If the number of your hair is losing in reasonable range like a hundred pieces per day, congratulations, you’re in the safe range, but the number more than a hundred would be a bit dangerous.

So the question comes as how to take care of it.

Well, there is a few ways to take care of this kind of hair loss.

  1. Don’t tie your hair too tight, because it could possibly hurt your hair and directly lead to hair loss.
  2. Remember to take an umbrella to cut down the radiation of sunlight.
  3. Try not to use nylon brush and other kinds that could generate static, besides, you also have to wear a hat in places where rises dust and other pollution.
  4. Cut down the frequency of hair perming, which should be more than 3 times a month.
  5. Avoid using of hair drier, and you’d better dry your hair naturally.


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