What Kind Of Hair Loss Needs To See A Doctor? Any Other Options?

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Hair loss is very easy to be misdiagnosed, for the symptoms of hair loss are the same, which means hair dropping a lot. Hair loss is like a tree that has perplexing branches, so the types of hair loss varies a lot too, classified from type, extent and to body difference. Thus the advice that we’re going to state below is just a matter of common cases.

Hair loss is a common phenomenon for everyone, and it is completely natural in the state of body metabolism. So you don’t have to worry about the dropping hair, because the new hair will grow up instead of the old ones after the natural growing period is over and the new one begins. Based on this fact, the number of 50-100 hair dropping a day would be completely normal. Of course, if you feel yourself suffering from hair loss, you’d better see the doctor. There is a simple way to test the number of your dropping hair by drawing one string of your hair with your fingers, and gently pulling it down. Usually you can only get 2 to 3 hair, but if getting over 6 of them, you should definitely go to see the doctor.

Naturally, women' hair loss is not a heredity depended facts, but a matter of mental pressure or irregular lifestyle. In theory, women' s hair loss could be cured with proper attention, but it is not a short time effort. In fact, any cure of hair loss is not a short time effort except for hair planting or wearing a wig. According to credible figures, most women prefer to wear wig to cover their hair loss parts. 

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