What kind of hair do you belong to?

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The type of hair is determined by the body of the sebum produced by the body, different hair have different characteristics, to understand the nature of the hair is the first step in care, hair different shampoo and hair care methods should also be different The Compared to the following four different hair characteristics, see your hair belongs to which hair, according to the secretion of head sebum, we usually divided into the following categories of hair

  1. Oily hair

        This hair is due to the scalp of the sebaceous glands secrete too strong reasons, the formation of many reasons, but usually with the individual hostage caused the most closely. (Such as regular stay up late, eating habits prefer meat or fried oil and more food), air pollution, personal cleansing, the use of poor shampoo or hair products, or Often on the beauty salon to accept inappropriate hot, roll, blow, wash, excessive increase in the burden of hair and scalp, and even changed the original hair or scalp fat flat and normal sub-secret ... and so on, are caused by oily hair The main reason.

        More severe, will cause sebaceous glands secrete too much obstruction of hair follicles, hinder the growth of hair, and cause hair loss, and even bald are likely to occur. So, choose the appropriate shampoo cleaning is absolutely necessary


2.Dry hair

        This hair is due to poor scalp blood circulation, lead to the skin of the lack of oil, the relative scalp skin is not enough, making the scalp cuticle due to lack of water, excessive drying and layers of shedding, resulting in annoying dandruff Phenomenon and oily hair to produce dandruff for different reasons). If you ignore this phenomenon, do not well prepared the scalp, serious may lead to hair loss, hair follicles atrophy, and even bald consequences.

  1. Damaged hair

       As the name suggests, damaged hair is the hair health damage caused by a hair, for example, when we dye, hot hair, or prolonged exposure to organic solvent environment or long-term sunlight, will make hair Fiber formation changes, the formation of dry, yellow and fork and other damaged hair. If the hair has been damaged, it is necessary to quickly use the repair effect of the hair products.

  1. morbid hair

        This hair is usually caused by local lesions of the scalp, such as the most common dandruff is a kind of dandruff is usually caused by the scalp of the sebaceous glands secrete too much fat, coupled with poor cleaning, will lead to fungal infection , Or by the use of bad or add the drug shampoo, will stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more fat, leading to increased dandruff.

        In addition, the bad hair will damage the scalp, the light produced dandruff, severe cases may make hair fall, and even bald; most of the autumn and winter season because of poor cleaning, so that sebum crumbs off.

5.Neutral hair

        This hair is the most healthy hair, hair is not too greasy, and not too dry, so the hair will show a natural flexibility and glossy, which is normal, the hair should maintain a hair

In short, hair hair and human health are closely related to the causes of a variety of hair have a certain reason, we want to keep the hair in a healthy state, it must be in the daily care of the hair more correct care, and For the purpose of different hair for the purpose of improvement, the only way to ensure that the hair is always in a healthy state!


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