Tips of Synthetic Hair Care

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1.Try not to get close to high temperature, for the material can not bear high temperature(high temperature hair excepted).

2.Synthetic hair can not be dyed and if you need haircut you can ask help from fashion stylist.

3.Your movements would better be gentle. Wigs should be brushed before wearing on top, and you can only comb a little bit after you wore the wigs. Normally you can choose thin combs to brush your hair. When you do the brushing, you should gently brush it from the side of your hair. Don’t try to directly brush your hair, and be aware that the movements must be gentle.

4.Don’t use hairpins. To prevent wigs from blowing away, someone likes to fasten the wigs with hairpins. However, don’t press too hard or the hairnet could be easily broken. Thus, you’d better not to use hairpins, decorative hairpins can be used instead.

5.Few hair dropping is completely normal in the process of using.

6.When you need not to use them, just put it in its original package, and you just have to shake it a bit and it would be all new again.

7.Wigs could be tied up, the only thing you need to care about is that you can’t tie it up too high or your real hair down there could be exposed.

8.Split your hair into a few parts when you comb them, and you have to be gentle and patient.

9.If the wig hasn’t been used for a long time or get tangled, the worst thing to do is to drag it. Spraying on non-oil hair moisture for wigs and then smooth it with care.

10.Don’t spraying gel water or styling wax on your wigs, or your wig would be so sticky.

11.Using non-oil hair maintenance for wigs( Quite simple instruction: You just have to gently spray on your wigs for a few times.) can make your wigs to be smooth, shinning and static-free. Just like a new brought one.

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