The Saying “A Smart Head Doesn’t Grow Any Hair”Is Out Now

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Don’t know if the saying could relieve your mind a bit, which goes like, “ A smart head doesn’t grow any hair.” 

In fact, no matter how it expressed, most of people still desire a thick dark hair of their own, which could be explained by the massive hair growing ads on TV. However, many friends have been complaining that their hair has been lost a lot, and there are other friends who are suffering hair loss.

Is there anything they can do to save their hair?

Everytime when you cut off your hair in the barber shop, the barber would tell you that your hair is so smooth and thick and need not to be worried at all, for the matter of fact that a lot of people are in the face of hair loss instead of hair cutting. For old people, hair loss is a normal physical phenomenon. However, hair loss is beginning to be a young generation problem. It’ s not common for students of senior high school to lose hair, but it turns into such a hit as soon as they go to university. Somebody joked like, “It seems that the pressure of college entrance exam is not bigger than employment pressure.” Big pressure is one of reasons of hair loss, what’s more, the commonest hair loss is caused of excessive fat which is so called oily skin.

More often than not, if there is too much fat in someone’s diet, his androgen would be stimulated and composed,  while the over-secret of androgen can motivate oil generation of scalp. There is a microorganism living on our scalp called fat-eating fungi, which can swallow it all up. In that process, fungi would produce waste which affects the glands and follicle to cause hair loss, and that is the main reason for the younger generation to lose their hair.

Besides, there is another phenomenon which could cause your whole hair to be lost overnight, which relates not so much to fat excessive hair loss, but to his mental states. When someone has just been extreme happy or extreme sad, his hair would be lost for that. A specialist also address that there is another kind of hair loss which has something relative more or less to men who love aerobic exercise. To keep his body figure , the men usually take in too much protein as a result of too much androgen secreted, so he would generally lose hair.

Hair loss is common sense for men, but it’s not a patent of men. Some ladies would find her hair lost a lot when she brushes her hair in the morning. Women’s hair loss usually doesn’t has much to do with androgen, but it has something to do with mental stress, like when she has too much mental pressure especially when she is in her periodical time. Taking pills for birth control is also a possible to make that happen.

We’ve found the reasons of hair loss, so it’s not difficult to find the methods to treat it. Protein is the essential substance of human body but there is no need to eat a lot fat and protein everyday. Especially for people who have oily skins, they must be aware not to take in food that contains much sugar and oil. There are three kind of protein which can cut down the intake of oil at the same time increase the supplies of protein.

The first kind of protein is called complete protein, and the second one is half-complete protein, and the third one, incomplete protein. Speak of animal food, complete protein refers to fish and meat. When it talks to plant food, it means the protein in beans. Further more, proteins in milk and eggs are also of this kind.

If the loss of hair is caused by oil secretion, then can we prevent hair loss simply by washing off the fungi on it. As a matter of fact, frequent hair washing can’t clean the oil. On the contrary, it may make your scalp more sensitive. What’s more, the growth of hair takes time as well. Frequent hair washing would disturb the normal growth of it.

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