Some Easy Tips For You To Lesson Your Hair Loss

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Here are some easy tips for you to lesson your hair loss. I hope it could be useful to you.


  1. Brushing Your Hair With Wooden Comb Or Horn Comb

Don’t use nylon comb for your hair. Nylon comb can cause static to your hair that is not good for the smooth of it. The best way is to comb your hair with wooden comb or horn comb, which can not only get rid of dandruff and enlightening your hair, but also give your scalp a massage and advance blood circulation of scalp.  

  1. Washing Your Hair Often

The best frequency to wash your hair would be 2 to 3 days, and you have to massage your scalp at the time of washing, which can help the blood circulation of your scalp as well as keep it clean and tide. Besides, you’d better leave it alone after hair washing without any artificial dryness, like using hair-dryer.

  1. Wearing The Right Shampoo

Don’ t use the shampoo that contains alkali or other de-fat too much, for it would dries your hair and kill your scalp. You’d better use natural shampoo that is relatively soft and won’t hurt your hair. What’s more, different kinds of shampoo is required for the goodness of your daily hair care.

  1. Quitting Smoking

Smoking could shrink the blood vessel of scalp and hold back the growth of hair.

  1. Temperance Drinking

Spirit, especially hot spirit could generate hot gas and moisture, and it can be a serious problem for hair loss. Even wine and beer should be taken with care, for the alcoholic contains more or less there.

  1. Bewaring Of Computers

People who use a lot of computers would be easier to loss hair than others. For one thing, computers cause much radiation; For the other thing, one has to highly focus on his computer that his attention is gathered on one thing all the time. Under such circumstances, one’s endocrine is likely in disorder, and his hair follicle can be blocked, then certain barriers shows up in nutrition supplies of hair. In the end, his hair would be loss and lost the shine.

  1. Eliminating The Sense Of Oppression

If you’re emotional and often in a state of anxiety, you maybe the perfect one to get hair loss. The more anxious you’re, the faster you lose your hair. Thus, you need to take a deep breath or walk or doing some gym. Each day by doing so, you might get a good result.  

  1. Ensuring Enough Times Of Sleeping

Sleeping time has to be secured no matter how much efforts you pay. It’s essential if you’re determined to defend your hair.


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