It Turns Out That The Foreigners Are So Jealous Of Our Hair.

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The genes of Chinese is different from the foreigners’, while the skins inherited are different,so there is a great difference between natural hair color and the texture of it. Many people are jealous about foreigner’s yellow hair, and they’d love to dye their hair yellow, making the hair to be damaged and frizzled. As a matter of fact, there’s a big difference between ours and the foreigners’.

Advantage No. 1. Thick, straight, and well-proportioned hair.

Hair is not a round fibre, but it is in people’s common sense. The cross section of it is oval and some of them are even triangle, which is the so called curly hair. Usually the yellow race are nearly all straight hair, and white people wave hair, while black people curly hair.

The size of cross section shows a special mechanics features, and the features also determine if the hair could be shaped or not. The cross section of Chinese is round while those of foreigners are oral. So the hair of Chinese is very straight, while the hair of foreigners are curly.

The hair of Asian people is basically round shape, and it’s a bit thick, and it’s evenly divided from the bottom to the top of hair, and that’s why their hair are straight and even.

The cross section of European people and African people are oral, curly and thin. Besides, African people have the most oral shaping hair. Thus nearyl all of African’s hair are curly hair.

Advantage No. 2. The darkest hair color.

The color of hair depends on the proportion between eumelanin and phaeomelanin.Asians have the darkest hair in the world, and a lot of which are dark, for eumelanin takes the most of it(98%). Surely, the hair of African people’s hair are the same dark as Asians’ hair.

There is another interesting scene: When Chinese people’s hair faded, it turns into yellow; While Japanese’s hair turns into red. It turns out that’s a matter of the different content of phaeomelanin.

Advantage No.3, Strong tenacity.

Although the hair of European people shines a lot much that those of Asian people, and Europeans’ warm colors catches a lot of eyes than us, but their tenacity can not surpass us whatsoever.   

The hair of Asians and Europeans could be stretched a lot before it goes split, and a lot of strength are needed to break it down, which are called tenacity. Physically, we need 1.2N power to break down Asian or European people’s hair, but it only takes half of it to break Asian people’s hair.(0.6N) Thus, our hair are not easily to be broken combed.

Advantage 4, Middle Density Hair Grows A Lot.

The density of hair relates a lot to the thickness of it. The thinner, the thicker. That’s why the density of Chinese hair are a lot lower than Japanese and Africans. For the vertical angle of Chinese hair, it grows very fast, which is about 30px per month, and that’s 362.5px per year.

It has been counted the number of hair in each square centimeters. The Italians has 408 on average, with Sudan to be 236, Japanese to be 238, and Chinese to be 224. The best density of Chinese hair is middle density.

Advantage No. 5, Not easily dropped.

Asians are not easily get dropped. The proportion of it is basically the same as the Europeans, which are about 12%. The African’s dropped much more. However, the difference is obvious in age of 20 to 39, when only 5% Asians have hair dropping problems, while the proportion of the Europeans is 20%.。

As a whole, Chinese hair losing is much better than Europeans of it. When the Europeans care a lot about fragile hair texture and the problem of combing, we are completely trouble-free.


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