How To Wear A Wig?

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First things first

1.Place the hairnet into your neck(right below the elastic band), then drag the hairnet on the top of your head. Now most of the hairnet doesn’t have any yards, because there are buttons set inside. You can adjust the size of hairnet accustomed to your head, then put the hair backwards inside the hairnet.

2.Turn your fringe over and wear the wig from the front of your head.

3.Put the wig on and adjust the place of it. Be aware of the place of your fringe.



1.When you have your wigs done, actually one more thing to be done that can help you a lot, which refers to the right cutting of your hair.

2.Wigs can perfectly dress up yourself, you can even smartened yourself up when you twist your hair as a base. If your face are a bit round, you can concentrate the hair on the middle of your head, while you can put the hair on the both sides of your head if you got a long face.

3.In fact, there are still another good properties could help with that, you can wear a beautiful hair hoop which can cover the hairline subtly. It would definitely fit the temperature of your fringe.


After all that

1.Split your hairnet, and open your wigs. First you have to smooth your hair with a comb.

2.Divide your hair into two parts, then cover all you hair with hairnet. Besides you have to divide your hair evenly or your hair won’t be very smooth.

3.Fix your hair and your hairnet with hairpins.

4.Turn the wigs over and cover your head.

5.All the work done, you must fix your hair with hairpins, or it will fall.

6.If you feel dissatisfied, you can decorate a bit on your own, but not too much or it will be over.

  1. All being accomplished, you can go out for some shopping.


A Short Interview


A: “My hair is thin and short. I want to wear a wig, but I never have the chance to. I want to know something about wigs and the details about wearing wigs.

B: “ It’s super easy. You can buy a hairnet, and cover your hair with it. A wig is very much like a hat. You put it on your hair, having all the straps done. It’s just common for a wig to fall, depending on how you manage it. If someone else drag your hair, it would certainly fall. Don’t worry about the wind, cause it won’t cause you any trouble.”

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