How To Take Care Of Your Split Ends?

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Hair care counts the same as skin care, the only difference is that hair care needs much more patience than skin care. If there is not much efforts paid on the details, then it can be very hard to have a shinning, smooth hair. Cutting the number of hair perming is suggested, for dyed hair is vulnerable and can be so easily damaged. The best way is to wash your hair in warm water and dry your hair with gentle wind so the temperature of it is not too hot for hair.


1.Cut split ends in time.


If you get split ends, you have to cut the ends away. If you don’t, then the split ends would split again. You can cut in the place of 2 to 3 centimeters above the ends.


2.Picking up shampoo and hair conditioner that fit your hair.


Spreading shampoo after you get a lot of bubbles, then add hair conditioner which is an essential part in hair care process and it can compensate for the loss of water. Cleaning it all up with fresh water after all of the spreading.


3.Give your hair a mask every week.


The best thing to do is to give your hair a mask once or twice a week. Hair mask can help the impairment of your hair. After your clean your hair up, you can spread hair moisture maintaining on your hair. Then your hair would be very smooth. It can be massaged as well at the same time to get a better outlook.


4.Wash your hair with warm water



In winter, many people get used to rise up the temperature, but a high temperature would stimulates scalp to secret much more oil. Normally 20 centigrade warm water is fairly enough for it.


5.Brush your hair every night before going to bed


I don’t think most of people have the habit to do so, because we only pay attention to the dust on our body, leaving the dust on hair behind. In fact, the dust on hair is much more severe than it covers on body. Thus, it’s wise to use a smooth wide-sided wooden comb to brush your hair before sleep.


6.Wear a nice wig of your style.

Funmi hair, brazilian body wave and lace front wigs are excellent choices for you if you want to have a nice hair without paying too much attention of your own.

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