How To Keep Your Hair Color From Fading?

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Many women like hair dyeing which could makes them attractive. Hair dyeing could also helps do with their personal image as well. However, frequent dyeing hair could be a serious problem to many women. (Like forking, brittle, crispy, withered and yellow) Our hair would bear the ultimate suffering of it. In fact, hair dyeing is not that so hard thing to do if only you pay a little attention to your hair washing in daily life.


  1. Don’t wash your hair in 3 days.

Any kind of color could fade if you wash your hair immediately after you dyeing your hair. So, please trying not to wash your hair as soon as you dying your hair. The best time intervals to wash your dyed hair would be 3 days.

  1. Reduce the times of hair washing.

To avoid color fading, you should save the time of hair washing, for the reasons of color fading are caused mostly by hair washing. The temperature of hair washing water would better be in a relatively warm range to keep your hair from fading or even damaging.

  1. Cleaning your hair with water.

You can clean your hair with alkaline water, which also would better be filtered by softener. Many people in England use water that is filtered by softener even if they drink unfiltered water.

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Thus, you can see the value in it.

You can keep your hair from color fading in the advice stated above, but the color of your hair could still fade despite all of the efforts done. Luckily we got something replacement for the problem which refers to funmi hair, brazilian body wave, lace front wigs, and other wigs that is convenient for you to keep the color of your hair.

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