Guinness The Longest Hair, Women With The Longest Hair In China.

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Located in Longji Scenic Zone, Huangluoyao village where the women with long hair live is the only Yao village in it . The women here belong to Hongyao nationality, retaining their traditional ways of saving hair with all of their long hair twisted on the top of their head. In the settlement of 60 houses, 60 women’s hair are above one meter, and the longest one is up to 1.7 meters. The village, known as Guinness The Longest Hair, is famous for the longest hair in the world. The mysterious county has many mysterious secrets.


Long Hair Customs

For Hongyao girls, long hair means a lot to them. As a symbol of long life and wealth, thriving and lucky, long hair means prosper and eternity. Hongyao girls cherishes a lot about hair and the hair care secrets run in the family has been lasted for quite a long time.

They’ve been saving their hair since they were twelve or thirteen years old. When their hair has been grown long enough they cut it out and collect it. Their hair is not only long but also dark and shinning in way that you randomly see in the world. The secrets of it goes like that they brush their hair carefully with wooden comb, and the hair washing water comes from the mixture of rice washing water and herb collected from the mountain.

People usually don’t know what a grown-up woman’s haircut looks like because their hair were covered in black cloth, and the only chance to see the whole vision is the night that the woman get married, then the woman’s husband could see it, but their haircuts are available after the marriage when they would twist their hair onto the top of their head in a circle without bun.

By the time they have a child, their haircuts could been added a bun which represents having a child. Thus, everybody can tell whether the woman is married or not, with children or not, one child or more.

In Huangluoyao Village, it’s hard to find out a white hair even on old women’s hair. Thousands of years of hair saving habit has blessed them secret hair care system. In stead of modern shampoo, they boil fermented rice washing water with mixture of orange peels, tea leaves, and some secret Chinese herbs in it and use it as shampoo when it gets cooled. Each time when they wash their hair, they soaked their hair into the secret shampoo for a while to make it absorb nutrition before they dry the hair. It would be black, smooth and strong without any problems of hair branching. Hongyao women’s hair has been a magnificent view of Yao County.

All of Hongyao women keep their hair long, and they only cut their hair once for a lifetime. The county has been added in the Guinness World Record for the first time in the world that a village been added. Their hair is holy and the only ones to have a full vision of it would be their husband and children. They believe that long hair could bring them long life, wealth and good luck.


Twisted Hair

The picture shows us a woman who is one of the 120 long hair Hongyao women. Here is the longest hair county in the world, and the average length of their hair has been up to 5.5 inches.

Huge Twisted Hair

The picture is about an exhibition of twisting hair onto their head in special technique. They can easily twist their hair, which could be a hard work even for the experienced hair dresser.

Forbidden Fruit

Once upon a time, their hair has to be disguised in public, but now they have discarded the tradition and show the world their beautiful long hair.

Hair Washing Women

In summer, women like to wash their hair in the river.

Ancient Customs

Back before the year 1987, one who saw a Hongyao woman’s hair even by accident should live with the woman’s family for at least 3 years as a son-in-law.

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