Four Different Uses Of Wigs

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Fashion Models  

Fashion models like Brazilian model Michelle Alves always wear wigs to match her clothes, and they have to chance style in a very short time.



Hong Kong singer Chen Huilin cares a lot about her stage image. Haircut is an important part of personal image, and wig is also the most common dress-up for many singers. Especially on stage play, singers would change many suits in a very short time, and they often needs different haircut to suit the styles of songs in different wigs to save the time of transition.



Some people or business institution would cosplay some characters such as masquerade, propaganda(such as cosplay mascot, god of wealth, election publicity)etc.

 Wigs on Cosplay is part of the masquerade. The kind of wigs includes some styles that are made of flash foil, which can often be seen on Halloween.

Cosplay is a kind of role play, especially when you play ACG characters. The colors of many ACG characters differs, for the actor has to change their hair color to fit the role. Normally they would play many roles, and needs many hair colors. Dyeing could be a bit complicated for this use, but wigs can figure it out very well. What’s more, the hair length of cosplayer himself could be far from the character whom he’s going to play, so they would wear toupees, men’s hairpiece, non-surgical hair replacement, funmi hair, brazilian body wave, lace front wigs to suit the style while avoiding the inconvenience of hair dyeing.



Wigs For Court

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