For Friends With Hair Problems After Chemotherapy, Don’t Lose Your Faith

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Many friends has experienced hair loss and are very concern about it. In fact, you don’t have to worry because hair loss is just the normal effect of chemotherapy.

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The loss of hair usually happens two or three weeks after hair dropping, or even longer, and the hair could be totally lost or just be dropped a few. Besides, hair loss could have happen in every part of human body, other than head. Human body hair like eyebrows, armpit hair, fine hairs on hands, or even pubis hair could be affected anyway. When the patients get hair loss, they don’t have to worry a lot because their hair can renew and be more dark and thick.

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What’s more, not all the patients with chemotherapy would lose their hair. There is people who won’t lose their hair, for the medicine they take are different.

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Even if you already got such problems, you can still fix it by wearing wigs, like Funmi hair, Brazilian Body Wave, Lace Front Wigs, etc. So, don’t lose your faith. Life is going on, and nothing more serious than your confident smile. The world loves you if you have merriness in your heart.

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