Elegant French-style Up-do In Three Minutes

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   We all know that French women have inherent love of beauty. They demand to be elegant wherever they are.

   Since French up-do prevailing, we are going to present you a tutorial of French up-do. Simple and elegant in three minutes.

 funmi hair

Step1: Smoothing your hair.

Step2: Straightening your fringe.

 brazilian body wave

Step3: Trying a curl perm by rollers to create a curly shape.

Step4: Making your hair to be fluffy in dense ruler after perming the hair backside of your head.

 lace front wigs

Step5: Brushing your curly hair backside to make your hair soft and manageable.

Step6: Tying a bunch of hair into a bundle.


Step7: Twisting a strand of hair onto the bundle with hair clips fixed.

Step8: Twisting the bundle as well as the strand of hair into a bud.

 french women up-do

Step9: Fixing your up-do with hair clips and clinging to your forehead, and congratulations, you’re an elegant woman now.

   If you worry about your thin, delicate hair that can not bear such a perming process or some other reasons that are not suitable for such a up-do, you can think about Funmi hair, Brazilian Body Wave, Lace Front Wigs. Simple, that’s what it makes it so popular.

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