Choose a wig weft accroding to your figure

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Short and small figure

This kind of figure gives people a cute and exquisite sense. They are not suitable for very long wig/weft/hair extension, especially not suitable to wild or rough/brutal style wig/weft/hair extension. They could consider coil wig/weft/hair extension.


Lanky (tall and thin) figure

This is a ideal figure. They are suitable a long hair but not to coiled hair or very short hair.


Dumpy figure

There is no good to wear a long straight wig/weft/hair extension, as well as wave kind. For them, they should choose layered short wig/weft/hair extension.


Great stature

They should pick a simple concise wig, not a gaudy one.


Besides, we should also consider our neck’s influence. If your neck is a bit long, then a long wig or long big wave is your wonderful choice. On contrary, you’d better to comb your hair from front to back for show out your neck.

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