Chocolate Ladies Love Wigs Made In China So Much

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The other day, I had lunch with some friends, and our eyes are all clutched by a chocolate beauty with hairy, cool haircut. Then we begin to gossip about if her hair is real hair or not, what styles do they usually wear and even the way to take care of . With wigs, we often hear news about how much chocolate ladies love it and how much it get sell.

Speaking of wigs, we studied a bit about the reasons why the blacks love Chinese wigs, and make a conclusion.

As an international base for global manufacturing, Chinese wigs export counts over 70% of global wig supplies. According to the data of google, searching over wigs has always been rising. North America is the biggest consumer market in the world and it counts for about 62% of global wigs supplies, which is mainly the matter of an early start and mature development,  and the habits of wearing has already penetrating in people of different skin color, society classes and ages.

What’s more, as a result of the special hair texture of blacks, there is randomly someone who really has a long smooth hair. In order to improve that situation, they usually wear wigs instead. Some woman even would love to pay one third of their total payments to take care of the wigs. For American blacks, wigs are something like their second underwear, something counts a lot in their life.

Although wigs are demanding in global market, it still puzzles the world why Chinese wigs (expecially full lace wigs, lace front wigs) become such a hit. Let’s take a look at the data collected. In America, you have to cost $500 to $600 to make a wig, but it could only takes $100 to make it in China. Adding the cost of labor costs, there is much space left in the total accounts. Thus, it could be explained as such an obvious price advantage that makes wigs to be best-selling and popular in America.

The most popular haircut in European market.

Recently, the total consumption of European hair products has been enlarging step by step, but the speed of growing is a little bit dragging in contrast with North America. From 2008 to 2012, the annual growth rate of European hair products consumption is 12.65%. Five years later,  European consumer market grew at a steady growth of 11%. Up till 2017, the total consumption of European hair products will be up to $1.94 billion.

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